Hsinhsing Theatre (新興老戲院)

I went on an urban exploration day trip with my friend and fellow photographer/blogger Alexander Synaptic last week. The resulting trip will likely end up producing more than a few blogs and quite a few photos between us as we visited several locations and enjoyed a beautiful day in Hsinchu. 

Near the end of the day we decided to stop in the small village of Hsinpu (新埔), known mostly for Yimin Temple (義民廟) and its Hakka culture and cuisine. I stopped at Yimin Temple to ask some questions for my Pigs of God blog and also showed Alexander around a bit as it was his first visit to the very important temple. 

After visiting the temple we decided to drive into town on our way back to Taoyuan and walk around for a bit to see some of the village and what cool things could find before getting some of the food that Hsinpu is so famous for.

Alexander had wanted to visit Hsinpu for a while because he had known about an old abandoned theatre called the "Hsinpu Theatre" (新埔戲院) but we were saddened to find out when we arrived that it had been demolished only a few years before our visit only to be replaced by an apartment building. 

The street that we were on however was once referred to as "entertainment street" which meant that there was probably some kind of entertainment somewhere else on the street at some point.

A quick walk down the street brought us to a suspicious-looking building that ended up also being an abandoned theatre. Despite not finding our original target we found something that neither of us had known about and ended up being pretty much the kind of thing we were looking for. 

If you want to know more about the theatre you're going to have to visit Alexander's well-written and well-researched blog post about it - He's a master of urban exploration and this kind of thing is really his domain. I'm just here to share my photos from the theatre here. Enjoy! 

Xinxing Theater 新興戲院