Keelung (基隆市) is Taiwan's most northern city and also houses the country's second-largest port acting as north Taiwan's import/export hub - The city is historically important and has been critical to the development of northern Taiwan through the Dutch period, the Qing dynasty, the Japanese colonial era and now with the Republic of China. Commonly referred to as the "Rainy City", Keelung is often compared to Seattle for the amount of rainfall that it gets making life there a bit dreary for the residents. Keelung is currently slated for urban renewal and the development plan aims to help the city become a more beautiful and attractive one to live in. Part of Keelung's charm though is that the city seems dated and history is visible almost everywhere you go. Keelung is famous for its temples, the night market (which is considered one of the best in Taiwan) and the north coast scenery that surrounds it. There is a lot to do in Keelung and the area that surrounds it so a day trip to the city is always a good time!