Originally from a small town in Nova Scotia on the East Coast of Canada, I grew up enjoying hiking, kayaking and camping while learning to appreciate some of the most beautiful natural beauty that this world has to offer.

Living in such a small town though left me wanting to see more.

While in university I gladly accepted an opportunity to further my Chinese language studies on an exchange programme that ultimately ensured that the travel bug would consume my life. 

After finishing my studies back in Canada I decided it was time for a new adventure and packed my bags for what was supposed to be a year-long working holiday in the beautiful country of Taiwan.

Over a decade later, I’m still here and still enjoying every minute of it.

Taiwan may seem ‘small’ when compared to Canada but there are surprisingly an endless amount of things to see and do here and even after all this time I still learn something new each and every day.

Living here also allows me to continue enjoying old habits like hiking and camping with some recent additions that I’ve since picked up which include snorkelling, scuba diving and rock climbing.

Fortunately I grew up in an extended family that has produced its fair share of skilled artists and photographers and was encouraged from a young age to express myself artistically. 

When I started to travel the world I discovered very quickly just how important it was to have a camera around. Photography became an outlet outlet for recording my experiences and allowed me to share all the amazing things I was learning about the world and its many different cultures with friends and family.

What started out as a mere hobby however has transitioned into a source of income which has allowed me to continue travelling as well as taking photos of this beautiful world.

As a photographer and traveller I do my best not to be a ‘tourist’ and instead focus more on the social anthropology aspects of travel learning as much as I can about the culture and history of each destination I visit in order to be able to better understand the places I visit and how to tell their stories in a respectful and insightful manner.

I have little desire to become an ‘influencer’ and you’re likely to notice that I rarely talk about or include photos of myself in my travels.

This website and my blog are an attempt to show what I can do, but the story isn’t about me.

Its about this beautiful world and the people that live in it.


As a photographer my goal is essentially to create beautiful images to share with the world.

It is important however that I achieve those goals while also telling a story and shedding light on the unique places I visit and the amazing cultures of the people living there.

My interests photography-wise focus mostly on landscapes, street Photography and urban exploration in addition to showcasing many of the historic and cultural aspects of my adopted home and the places that I visit.

As a Visual Anthropology enthusiast I use photography in addition to my language skills to do research and tell stories that I feel are underrepresented in most areas of new media.

The purpose of this site is primarily to offer a portfolio of what I can do with an additional focus on the places I travel as well as promoting the rich history and cultures of Taiwan to people all around the world.

My work is always available for licensing and I’m also available for assignments.

If you are looking for a photographer here in Taiwan feel free to get in touch with me.

If you are looking for a Wedding Photographer, I’m probably not the person you’re looking for - I can however point you in the direction of other skilled photographers in the area who would be happy to help!


I try to share at least one new article on a weekly basis with photos and information about the places I travel as well as Taiwan’s various tourist destinations or some of the interesting cultural attractions that happen here.

My focus tends to stray toward the promotion of subjects that are less likely to be promoted by major travel publications or places where there is already a multitude of literature available in the English language.

By offering English-language articles on some of the lesser known, but equally important aspects of living in Taiwan, it is my hope that people can better appreciate the intricate history, culture and beauty of this nation.

With each post I spend a lot of time researching and translating material as well as offering my own opinions and experience to readers and hope that the articles that I produce are able to help people have a much better experience when they visit Taiwan.

Generally speaking, the subjects that this blog focuses on are mostly travel-related but you’ll also find documentarian-style posts on subjects including Taiwan’s Japanese Colonial Era, Taiwanese Religion, hiking, local culture and history and the Urban Exploration of important historical sites.

While photography is what I do to earn a living, blogging is something that I only do on the side as a means to promote Taiwan in a positive way to people who are interested in visiting. 

I'm not a professional blogger - I don’t accept money to write sponsored articles, I don’t promote businesses and I don’t accept cash for ad placements.

My goal is to be as transparent as possible and provide not only pertinent travel information but also interesting historic and cultural insights that most people may not be aware of in the hope that travellers can learn from my experience when visiting Taiwan (or any of the other locations that I write about).

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