Taiwan Bloggers / Sites I follow 

  1. Taiwan Reporter (Klaus Bardenhagen a German reporter in Taipei) 

  2. Synapticism (Alexander Synaptic)

  3. The View From Taiwan (Michael Turton) 

  4. Solidarity.TW (Current Events in Taiwan) 

  5. Hungry Girl's Guide to Taipei (A mouth-watering Taipei food blog)

  6. Tricky Taipei (Food, design and lifestyle in Taiwan)

  7. Hiking Taiwan (My Go-To Taiwan Hiking Blog) 

  8. Taiwan Waterfalls (A great resource for finding waterfalls!) 

  9. Taiwanderful (English resources about Taiwan)

  10. G'Day Taiwan (Quyen Tran)  

  11. My Several Worlds (Asian Travel Blog)

  12. The Travelling Marmot (Travel Blog) 

  13. Follow Xiao-Fei (A great resource for finding waterfalls!)