Miaoli (苗栗) county is just south of Hsinchu and sits on the threshold of being either in northern or central Taiwan. The county is populated predominately by the Hakka and Hokko people as well as the Saisiat (賽夏族) and the Atayal (泰雅族) Aboriginal groups in the west. The county is famous for its scenery and in the west you have beautiful ocean landscapes and in the east you have mountain ranges that are part of the spectacular Shei-Pa National Park (雪霸國家公園). The county is famous for its pears as well as its strawberries and when each fruit is in season people travel all over Taiwan to enjoy it. Most people visit however to experience Hakka culture and cuisine and just like in other county's there is a Hakka old street that promotes the history of the area as well as the food and culture. A trip to Miaoli is all about nature and if you're into mountains, rivers, ocean and all-round beautiful scenery it is a pretty nice place to visit!