New Taipei City (新北市) is the newly amalgamated special municipality that consists of what used to be Taipei county as well as a few other areas. The super city is now the most populated city in Taiwan and is second largest in terms of area. New Taipei is bordered by Keelung (基隆), Yilan (宜蘭) and Taoyuan (桃園) and completely surrounds Taipei city. The city consists of 28 districts (區) with one indigenous district and 1,017 villages (里). The city is considered somewhat of a suburb of Taipei proper with cheaper housing prices and in some cases stops on Taipei city's fabulous MRT system. New Taipei has a lot more to see and do than Taipei city itself and popular attractions include The Pingxi rail line (平溪線), Jiufen Old Street, (九份老街), The Wulai hot springs (烏來溫泉區) and the popular Fulong beach resort (福隆海水浴場) among others. New Taipei City tends to be an important recreational place for residents of Taipei and the rest of the country with mountains, ocean, hot springs and old streets and shouldn't be overlooked!