Taipei city (台北市) is the capital of Taiwan and is the political, economic, educational and cultural centre of the country. The city is one of the high-tech hubs of the world and is a world leader in international trade and business with the towering Taipei 101 building acting as a testament to the economic success of the city. Taipei is the easiest place to get around in Taiwan with excellent access to the Taoyuan and Songshan International Airports as well as a world renowned subway and public transportation system. While the city is high-tech it is also close to nature and is surrounded by the Yang Ming Mountain range (陽明山) with peaks rising high above the city offering residents a respite from city life. Taipei has become well-known as being a food and design capital and the number of hip restaurants, coffee and tea shops as well as the night markets have all contributed to putting Taipei on the map as an important tourist destination for food and culture.