Sunset at Bali

This is just a quick photo post from my Tumblr with photos from Bali (八里) in New Taipei City, opposite the river from Danshui (淡水.) If you browse the blog you'll often find photo posts with single photos that are all aggregated from Tumblr. In the future I'm planning on doing more posts like this with more to look at and less of my inane commentary! 

All of these photos are from a recent day trip to Danshui and Bali where I didn't have anything planned other than enjoying the beautiful weather. 

Boats waiting for the tide to come in. If you look closely you'll see a million white crabs.

Boats waiting for the tide to come in with Danshui in the background. 

The sun setting at Bali. 

A shot of Danshui from the ferry that takes people back and forth from Danshui to Bali. If you click on the image and look closely you can see a sandbar with people digging for clams. 

A Taiwanese man enjoying the weather and the view of Guanyin Mountain (觀音山)