Water Lilies (水蓮花)

I've never particularly been a big fan of flowers, but ever since I picked up my first DSLR, I've taken quite a few photos of flowers for the amusement of my mom - She's a big fan of flowers and I'm a big fan of making her happy.

Taiwan is often referred to as the “Kingdom of Fruit”, but for lovers of flowers, I'd say that coming here is likely a little bit like heaven - There are four different blooming seasons and in each season we are treated to many different varieties of flowers growing in specific areas of the country (which leads to flower tourism among locals) like the Tiger Lilies in Hualien that I posted about a short time ago. 

Before coming to Taiwan, if asked “What's your favourite flower?” I'd probably have no idea how to answer the question. I know my mom is a big fan of orchids and since they are quite common here,  I do my best to get shots of them for her whenever I can. I've found however that I've become a fan of the water lily or a lotus which are quite similar. 

I appreciate them because you see them all over the place in Taiwan. They're grow in parks, they're on mountains, in lakes, in sewers and even in garbage cans. The thing that I like about them is that they have the ability to grow in the worst and most disgusting conditions and still look amazing sitting on top of all the crap they have to deal with. 

That seems a bit like a metaphor for life if you ask me. 

Its possible that I'm just over thinking things and they're just pretty flowers with beautiful colours. Nevertheless, I always stop to take a few shots when I see them. 

What do you think? What are your favourite of Taiwan’s flowers?