Some updates

I've been busy lately with work and haven't had as much time to blog. I'm actually a bit disappointed with myself because I was doing really well with writing for the half of the year. This summer has been great and despite Taiwan only having one typhoon so far I've been able to get out and do quite a bit. But a lot of what I have been doing is cooling off and swimming waterfalls in the mountains. I haven't had my camera with me as much as I'd like! 

Anyway, with this post I just want to share a couple of things that I have been up to, the first is that I've started sharing my posts on a website called Maptis. The website is an excellent resource for travel photographers like myself to share articles and also promote their work. From now on, whenever I update posts here, I'll also post there as well if I feel the blog is relevant. 

Link: Josh Ellis Photography on Maptia

The next piece of news is in regards to syndication. I seem to have quite a few followers who use the RSS feeds on the site to get updates whenever I post a blog. I'm personally not a user of these feeds, but I know they're really useful. With that being said, Apple News, a syndicated news feed invited me to publish my blogs on their feed which means that whenever I post something here it will automatically show up in your feed. I did some testing with it and the way my blogs show up on the app is quite nice, so I'm happy to promote it.  So, if you are on an Apple device using iOS 9.0 or above you will be able to click this link to below be brought to the syndicated version of my blog in Apple News: Josh Ellis Photography on Apple News.

Thats all for now, I'll be back in a couple of days with another post about something much cooler. Until then enjoy these two night photos of Taipei's Confucius Temple!