Dog Birthday Party! 2015 八犬聯合慶生趴

I grew up in a Sheltie-crazy family! We've always had one. So, it was only natural to adopt one of my own when the time was right.

I've had my dog for a little over two years now. He'll be celebrating his third birthday next month.  

Right now, my parents have one, my sister has one, and I do too. I guess you could say that we're carrying on a family tradition. Scottish heritage at its best! 

Being that photography is so important to me, I needed a venue to differentiate my professional work with pictures of my dog, so I opened an Instagram Account dedicated solely to him and he's got a growing list of almost 500 followers so far. 

Despite always having a sheltie in my life, I've never actually had or been to a dog birthday party. That all changed when I started raising Daley.

I joined a Sheltie group on Facebook with Taiwanese Sheltie owners who hold events throughout the year where you more or less get together at a dog park and let all the dogs have fun while the humans eat and network with each other. 

This year turned out to be the second dog birthday party that I've attended, and it just so happened that it was the biggest.

We had around 50 shelties and all their humans come out to a park about 20 minutes from where we live. 

This time we celebrated the birthdays of eight pets (most of which have Chinese names) and they had lots of presents, birthday hats, cake and got to run around all afternoon! 

Being around that many shelties is always a fun afternoon. They're generally happy dogs and they love running around and having fun. This party was no exception. We had people from all over the country show up - some of them even driving five hours to take part! 


壽星有:可力姆(7歲).雪弟(3歲).Daley(3歲).Pepper(3歲).土豆(3歲).爆米花(3歲).Yeti(2歲).Fifi(1歲) 是一個熱鬧的8犬聯合慶生會喔


這次辦在龍潭的"花嘿熊",場地是較小了一點(還是我們人狗太多?哈), 但依舊不減大家的熱情, 看多好多狗狗真的很開心, 很多舊朋友.新朋友大家一起交流養喜樂蒂的經驗.甘苦談.很多有趣的事

- Sheltie love 


If I had a dog crush, it would be on this guy! (最漂亮的Ajax) 


Group shot 合照囉~

Group shot 合照囉~

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