A quick update and things to come.

A long pause from blogging can either be a good thing or a bad thing. In this case, its probably a good thing. I've been pretty busy over the past week both hiking, scouting locations and shooting. I have at least four different blog posts planned, but I thought with the long pause from posting anything that I'd give a quick update as to what I've been up to. 

1. Sea of Flowers (花海) 

- A Sea of Flowers in Daxi, Taiwan near the burial place of Chiang Kai Shek (大溪慈湖附近) 

Every fall in Taiwan between harvests you'll see random fields of flowers pop up all over the place in the countryside. So far, I've spent several afternoons scouting locations and shooting. I plan on visiting a few more before I finish posting the blog. 

- A Sea of Flowers in a residential area in Taoyuan county

2. Xiao Wulai (小烏來風景區) 

- Xiaowulai (小烏來瀑布) 

Xiao Wulai (小烏來風景區) is a park in the mountains of Taoyuan county. The area is important to the Atayal Aboriginal tribes that live in the area and in recent years has been developed quite a bit for tourists. I'll be combining shots from my visit there last Sunday in the pouring rain and previous visits to give a more comprehensive view of the area. 

- Long exposure of the river at the base of Xiaowulai Waterfall. 

3. Sandiaoling (三貂嶺步道)

- Papi waterfall (杷枇瀑布)

Sandiaoling (三貂嶺步道) is a beautiful hike in the Pingxi (平溪) region of New Taipei City. It is full of waterfalls and follows along the Keelung river through the mountains. Its a great hike for viewing massive waterfalls or for river tracing. This will be a picture post showcasing the three largest waterfalls. 

- Behind the Motian Waterfall (模天瀑布) 

4. Guanyin Mountain (觀音山步道) 

- The Danshui River leading into Taipei

Guanyin Mountain (觀音山) named after the Buddhist female deity, the Bodhisattva of Compassion (the Dalai Lama in Tibet) is a mountain in Taipei that overlooks the Danshui river and the Taiwan strait from the Bali side of the river. The hike is a relatively easy and well developed one. This blog will mostly include landscape photos and some impressions.  

-Danshui (淡水) from Guanyin Mountain

In the meantime, I'm going to be busy processing shots and preparing blog posts which should all be up within the next week or so. I also have plans for a few more locations and will be working on a photoshoot for the government. 

The weather has changed here in Taiwan which means available light is also changing and becoming a bit more difficult to work with.

Here's hoping that we won't be inundated with too much rain over the next few months and that conditions will be a bit better than my last two hikes where both myself and my gear were drenched.